Pants for Bums?

Work Pants for Curvy Bums have been a huge hit!

Thank you to all those customers who nodded and understood COMPLETELY why curvy women need options when it comes to pants. These are the Work Pants for Curvy Bums.


Front view of size 18 model wearing black stretch plus size work pants with an adjustable waist.    Back view of size 18 model wearing black stretch plus size work pants with an adjustable waist.


These super comfy stretch trousers are for those of us who buy pants to fit our bums and thighs, that is then too big around our waists. Ever put extra darts in pants so the waists don't gape? Ever had to roll the waist at the front of your pants over because there was too much of it? If you're nodding, these might be the pants for you. If you're not nodding, stay tuned for info about my Work Pants for Curvy TUMS!

These Chasing Springtime trousers:

  • Are worn for cycling and after-work Pilates by some of our favourite customers.
  • Have room for a bum and hips this cut looks great if you need thigh room and don’t want to highlight your knees.

  • Made with soft stretch fabric, so they’re comfortable and easy to pull on.

  • Come in a choice of length: regular or long, to get a better fit the first time.

  • Have an adjustable waistband you can loosen or tighten to get the best waist-fit for you.

  • Come with front pockets, so you always have somewhere to put the essentials, like a phone or your keys.

  • Use fabrics that don’t make a whoosh sound when you walk: no more feeling self-conscious about noisy fabrics.

  • Are wash and wear, which is better for the environment (and your bank balance) than dry cleaning.

  • Receive a full launder and press before being sent to you, this makes sure any shrinkage happens BEFORE you try them on.

If like me, you purchase pants that fit in the hips and thighs but are too big around the waist - then you will LOVE this adjustable waist.

"This is the best pair if pants I've ever put on! They fit me like a glove. You have a customer for life."

"I felt comfortable and stylish all day in these work pants!"


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