Help a small business survive by leaving a review

The World's economy is slowing and many of us have a reduced (or no) income, but we still want to support small business. So how can we do this?

One way to support small business when you can’t afford to shop, is to leave them a review.

Think of all the small and local businesses you've interacted with over the years.⁠
You can leave reviews on Facebook, Google and their website. Or send them an email.⁠

 If that particular small business is not doing so well it will set them up for success when the economy picks up again.⁠ It will also cheer up the owner in the meantime!

Speaking as small business owner, I can tell you a good review is one of the most treasured things to get from a customer. Every review is GOLD to a small business!

Customers find reviews incredibly useful too, and they’re one of the most-read sections of any website.⁠ It can make the difference between someone using your business or going elsewhere. And if you're reviewing a product, like clothing, it can help a customer decide which size or colour to purchase - two of the toughest parts about online clothes shopping.

Read on for information about how to write an effective review; where on a Facebook Page to leave a review, and how to leave a Google review.



Let other potential customers know a bit about you.⁠

Give specifics about your situation – e.g. do you struggle to find good skincare/clothes that fit /a hairdresser that ⁠understands curly hair etc.⁠

Did you have concerns about working with this person/shopping with that brand? What were they?⁠

What was it like to work with that local business? What was your experience of  using or wearing the products?⁠

Talk about the results: what changed after you used their product or service?⁠

Would you recommend the business you’re reviewing? And why?⁠

Here's an example of a useful review written for a local business:
⁠"I have wide feet and have difficulty finding attractive shoes that fit. Walking into ABC Shoe Shop was wonderful: I was welcomed by staff; they understood exactly what I wanted; and they showed me six pairs of shoes I loved that also fitted. I feel so confident in wearing my new BRAND NAME shoes. They’re comfortable, fun, great for walking and go with so many of my outfits. I would recommend ABC Shoe Shop if you want funky flat shoes for a broad foot and don’t want the same shoes as your mum!⁠"⁠


Screenshot showing how and where to leave a useful review for a small business on Facebook:



Google the business name of the small business you want to leave a review for (don't enter their website address).

If they have a Google business site you'll see information about their location and business hours.

This is where you leave a review - use the screenshots below as a guide.



As all websites are different, how and where to leave reviews can vary.

This is an example of my Shopify website. I sell clothing, so it's great when customers review individual products.

Other businesses may have options to review their customer approach, website or service.


If you'd prefer to email a business directly, most websites will have a contact page you can use. Give them permission to quote you on social media and advertisements etc.

See if you can get a few reviews done today and get those feel-good vibes happening.

On behalf of business owners everywhere, thank you for reading and thank you for leaving reviews -  we love you for it!

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