How we're being environmentally and socially responsible

There’s lots of reasons to feel good when shopping with us. You’re probably already aware our garments are made ethically in Australia, but did you know there are other actions we’re taking on the social and environmental front.

Offcut fabric is recycled with UPPAREL (formerly Manrags). Once we've collected 10 kg we pay to have them shipped off to UPPAREL in Victoria and made into yarn, insulation or pet beds etc.

Our home-based office is powered by solar panels (a wedding gift that keeps on giving).

Your garments are prewashed in filtered rainwater collected in a 7000 litre tank then dried outside in the shade.

Most of our packaging for shipping is compostable, so you can put it in with the green waste at home. For deliveries over 500 grams we use Australia Post satchels, which unfortunately can’t be composted, but they can be recycled with other plastic bags and can be dropped off at participating supermarkets. For drop off points see Redcycle.

Our garments are lovingly wrapped in tissue paper, not plastic for shipping. And our cards are printed on recycled paper.

Your parcels are always taken to the post office on foot or by bike.


On the social side of things:

We donate $5 to Fitted for Work for every review we receive. Fitted for Work is an organisation that helps women experiencing disadvantage to get work, keep work and navigate their world of work.  So far, your reviews have sponsored two Interview Coaching Workshops – thank you!!

And for two months last year we donated $5 from the sale of each blouse to the International Woman’s Development Agency (IWDA). IWDA work globally to advance and protect the rights of women and girls in all their diversities.

Excess garments (samples and seconds that haven’t sold) are donated to charity.

And of course, we donated money to the Australian Red Cross Bushfire appeal in January 2020.

Is there a charity you think we should be donating to? Let us know and we can consider it for future sponsorship.


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