Lock down viewing - the best female led programs and movies

To be honest, they're just the best, full stop. But it makes my heart sing that more and more excellent programs and movies are coming from women.


Never Have I Ever by Mindy Kaling

Never Have I Ever - Netflix series by Mindy Kaling
Funny, romantic and delightful.

Wanted by Rebecca Gibney

Wanted - Netflix series created by and starring Rebecca Gibney
Edge of your seat, women on the run non-stop adventure

Workin' Moms - Netflix series written by and starring Catherine Reitman
Adults only emotional hilarity, set in Canada, that always makes you feel great about your own parenting.

Late Night - movie written by and staring Mindy Kaling & also stars Emma Thompson
Funny, feminist, emotional and clever

Hidden Figures - movie about the involvement of three African-American women working at NASA during the space race
Amazing, inspirational, emotional & humourous

Spy - movie about a desk bound spy (Melissa McCarthy) who has to step into the field to save the world. Most of the main roles are played by women
Hilarious action film - snort out loud funny

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