Styling Tips for A Plus Size Maxi Dress - Lucy Layers Spring Field

Designer plus size dress perfect for summer days, work and picnics in the park.

Gina (above) from @g.stylingbygina has worked hard to bring us these fabulous suggestions for styling the Lucy Layers Maxi Dress - thanks Gina!

Getting lots of wear from your clothes is a key step toward sustainable fashion. The aim is to wear our clothes out, not replace them when they’re out of style.

So, here are some tips for getting the most from this summer weight maxi dress. Gina’s created some gorgeous looks for making it work in the ‘in-between’ seasons.
Plus size styling tip - short jumpers

Jumpers or cardigans you might think are too short to wear with pants or a skirt (or they don’t fit over your hips) are PERFECT with a short bodice maxi. The jumper/cardi ends where the bodice does and the layers flow perfectly. I have a black jumper I never wore (because it doesn’t cover my belly) that looks AMAZING with the Lucy Layers Dress style. If you try it please let me know how you go.

Summer styling tip - collars

Collars will give your neck a bit of extra cover if you’re out in the sun all day (yay for picnics with friends), and you can do them up across your chest to protect your décolletage from the sun. And again, it doesn’t matter if the shirt or jacket is short or doesn’t fit over your hips. Now’s your chance to wear that crop top (well maybe not quite, but I think you know what I mean).

Corporate styling suggestions - belts and blazers

Gina shows us that a blazer (open or closed) and a belt and the right shoes can transform a summery flowy dress into a cool, comfortable and perfectly acceptable work frock. (Gina’s magic like that.) A belt can sit high and provide excellent definition.

Got some more tips for us all? Let me know!


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