Which Work Pants are the Best Fit for YOU?

The innovative Work Pants for Curvy Tums and Work Pants for Curvy Bums come in regular and long lengths.

But, how do you tell which fit is right for you?

 Here's a quick check-list...

Work Pants for Curvy Bums are for you if:

  • Pants fit your bum and hips, but there’s too much room at the waist;
  • You prefer a lot of legroom and pants that aren’t tight around the knees;
  • You've ever had to take pants in around the waist;
  • You find some pants are too long at the front and you have to roll the waistband over so they don't bag around the crotch.

Work Pants for Curvy Tums are for you if:

  • You like a slim leg pant, but often have to size up so they'll fit you around the waist;
  • Pants that do fit around the waist are often baggy around the bum and thighs;
  • Pants that fit your legs perfectly aren't long enough at the front and don't come up to your waist.

All Chasing Springtime Work Pants:

  • Are made with soft stretch fabric, so they’re comfortable and easy to pull on.
  • Are made from low pill and colour-fast fabric, so they last - this is slow fashion at its best.
  • Come in a choice of length: regular or long, to get a better fit the first time.
  • Have an adjustable waistband you can loosen or tighten to get the best waist-fit for you.
  • Come with front pockets, so you always have somewhere to put the essentials, like a phone or your keys.
  • Are wash and wear, which is better for the environment (and your bank balance) than dry cleaning.

Getting the right fit in plus size pants can be elusive. If you're still not sure then please get in touch!

Email me at belinda@chasingspringtime.com.au or message me on Instagram @chasingspringtime

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