To be honest, they're just the best, full stop. But it makes my heart sing that more and more excellent programs and movies are coming from women.


Never Have I Ever by Mindy Kaling

Never Have I Ever - Netflix series by Mindy Kaling
Funny, romantic and delightful.

Wanted by Rebecca Gibney

Wanted - Netflix series created by and starring Rebecca Gibney
Edge of your seat, women on the run non-stop adventure

Workin' Moms - Netflix series written by and starring Catherine Reitman
Adults only emotional hilarity, set in Canada, that always makes you feel great about your own parenting.

Late Night - movie written by and staring Mindy Kaling & also stars Emma Thompson
Funny, feminist, emotional and clever

Hidden Figures - movie about the involvement of three African-American women working at NASA during the space race
Amazing, inspirational, emotional & humourous

Spy - movie about a desk bound spy (Melissa McCarthy) who has to step into the field to save the world. Most of the main roles are played by women
Hilarious action film - snort out loud funny