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We like to think every door represents a potential new adventure.

In mid weight cotton with puff sleeves, this is a great all seasons piece. Slip a long sleeve spenser or thermal underneath and you’ll be warm all day. This look is sensational with the puff sleeves.

Each colour in this blouse opens it up to new combinations in your wardrobe. Wear it with your favourite skirts and pants.

We love the bright cheerful colours balanced with a black background and the extra sleeve room in this blouse.

Made in Australia with love, and pre-washed to minimise shrinkage.

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This is what women like you have to say about our Classic Blouses:



Thank you! - Lisa

Thanks so much, package has arrived and I'm very happy, again! Blouse is lovely and I really like the puff sleeve, it is great that it is just a tad longer than the sleeve in the classic and it is so pretty. It is always nice to open packages from you, the personal touch with a friendly message is a bonus.


Awesome - Erica S

I'm a teacher who has been working remotely and I can't wait to get back in the classroom wearing my beautiful new clothes from chasing Springtime. With funky fabrics, great fitting clothes and reasonably priced items, I highly recommend this Melbourne-based business!

We measured the finished (and washed) garments to make our size charts. We don’t just measure our patterns and hope for the best.

Every garment style has its own size chart. There is a link in the main product description. The size chart also includes pics of other women wearing our products and their measurements and size choices.

What part of my body should I be measuring?

See our how-to advice in the FAQ section. How do I Get the Best Fit?

What about Shrinkage?

It’s so disappointing when a new garment shrinks after its first wash.

That’s why we go the extra step. All garments are washed, dried and pressed after they're made. What you try on the first time, is the same size it will be after a wash.

What if it doesn’t fit or I need to return it?

You may qualify for a free or discounted return - see our Returns and Exchanges Policy for more info.

How to care for your Chasing Springtime clothes

  1. Turn your garment inside out
  2. Machine wash in cold water on delicates settings
    1. Depending on the colour of your garment and the dyes used it might be best to wash it on its own, or with like colours for the first couple of washes
    2. Use a low revolution setting on your washing machine to save electricity and reduce wrinkles
  3. Line dry in shade (hang your blouse or dress on a padded hanger to reduce creasing).
  4. Ironing is completely optional - if you want to iron your clothes please iron them inside out for the best results

Want your garments to last as long as possible? Check out our care instructions  How do I Care for my Chasing Springtime Garment? We explain a bit more about WHY we recommend these care instructions.

And ALWAYS follow the care instructions sewn into your garment.

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