How do I Get the Best Fit?

Measure yourself first. I know it’s boring, but once it’s done you can save the details in your phone’s notes page or desktop and you don’t have to do it again. Copy these key measurement points, paste them into notes and write your measurements in (use centimetres if you can).

  1. Copy and paste these…







  1. Watch this…
  1. Now do yours...

Each garment has its own size chart. Yep, that’s right, because different cuts mean different fits. And we want you to be happy with the fit.

We made the clothes, then washed them to get all the shrinking out of the way and then measured them. Most clothing makers just measure their cardboard patterns and reduce it for seam allowances and ease and use it for every garment.

Is there a garment you love? Click Size Guide and you’ll see the size chart AND measurements for other customers and what they wear.

How are Garments Produced?

At Chasing Springtime we believe the fashion industry should not cause harm to others. That’s why all the clothes are made by suppliers with ethical production methods. Currently this means they are made in Australia. This may change depending on product availability and what customers are willing to pay, but rest assured any OS sourcing will also be ethical.

What about Sustainability?

The fashion industry is not particularly sustainable. Lots of chemicals are used in all steps of the process (even if cotton or bamboo is organically grown, chemicals are used elsewhere in the process).

So, the best way to be sustainable is to keep wearing the same clothes. That’s why I use quality and low or no-pill fabric. It’s almost impossible to call fabric no-pill because very few fabric manufacturers will guarantee this, but I use low pill fabrics as much as possible.

And it’s also why Chasing Springtime clothes are made to suit you and not the latest fashion trends – so you can wear them longer than ‘fast fashion’. Of course, fabrics and garments will be subject to the usual wear and tear.

How do I Care for my Chasing Springtime Garment?

  • Wash in cold water. It’s more sustainable, easier on the elastane and the colour stays better.
  • Wash inside out. This also helps reduce fading and pilling.
  • Line dry in shade. Tumble drying is less sustainable and may fade fabrics faster, as will direct sunlight.
  • If it isn’t dirty, don’t wash it yet. Get one more wear out of it.
  • If you think it needs ironing, turn the garment inside out first and make sure the iron is not too hot.

 A Word About Natural Fibres

Cotton and linen breathe so much better than polyester, and they feel great against your skin. And when the life of the fabric is over, it degrades in landfill.

Cotton and linen fabrics may develop pilling (the little balls all over the fabric), but often pulls off easily or falls away with wear. We use low pill fabrics as much as possible.

How do I Return a Garment?

It's easy! Please see our Exchanges Policy. 

 What do I do if the Garment has a Fault?

This is easy too! Read our Exchanges Policy  and get in touch.

How Long does Delivery Take?

It depends where we’re sending it to. Please see our Shipping Terms and Conditions.

 How Much Does Shipping Cost?

It might be free. See our Shipping Terms and Conditions to see what cost applies to your order.

Can I Make a Suggestion? 

Yes please!

Send us your suggestions and comments. Feedback about what you like and don’t like about Chasing Springtime garments is extremely useful and therefore we reward it.

Do you Have Sales or Special Offers?

The fashion industry is geared toward seasonal offers and this means moving stock quickly and lots of sales.

This is not environmentally or financially sustainable. To have regular/seasonal sales we would need to increase the price of our full price items. We don’t want to do this. We have occasional sales and discounted items.

Therefore, we’ve made a conscious decision to produce quality garments that last. We also think they look stylish, no matter what the latest trends are. Therefore, we rarely have sales or discount our stock.

The basic shape of our most popular designs are similar each season. This makes it easier for our customers to know what size to order online.Then we change our fabrics, trims and details depending on customer feedback and our own creative inspiration.

Don’t you hate it when you find a cut or style that really works for you and then next season it has disappeared? That rarely happens here. We’re the friend you may not see very often, but can always depend on.

On the rare occasion we do have a sale, we always notify the customers on our email list first - sign up on our home page to find out. Sometimes we have reduced price items at markets too.

How Can I Contact You?

Please use our contact form or email us at

You can also phone us on 0401742655.



Can I Get a Discount?

Yes! Sign up to our email list on the home page for 10% off your first order.

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